You are known at work for being best at our job . You probably have scored the highestmark in the school/ college. but it means a little If you don’t have the skills that you need . some , of the important professional skills are not taught in school room that called soft skills unlike hard skills . they cannot be measured but they can be improved.
Some of the example are team work, verbal a written communication and leadership so are important they are key to building relationship and gaining reputation , creating more opportunities for you to develop your relationship .
Why communication skills do is important at work place?
Why communication skills do is important for work place?
Why we need communication effectively?
Help you to create positive image improve your challenge to Building relation .

C. Boost your performance when you are good communicator

Person is more predictive when he knows how to communicate with each other, if you can clearly express who, what, when where, why , how . Project you will be more preferred

For that few tips:

A. Probably you can join public speaking workshop
B. Watch videos listen, learn and try to imitate, apply it.
C. Apart from speaking be an active listener – Wait until other person has finished speech, listen to what they have said before you jump in.
D. Monitor your body language – Develop your ability to communicate none verbally
E. Eye contact – Nodding while you are listening, a firm shake hand while you are leaving.

Being team player is important – “Team Work”.
No one person doing everything by himself / herself can make project successful. Success is obvisively result of many people working together to achieve a common goal. Therefore, everyone is looking for the skill of team work to reason for this is good team work spirit improves the culture of the organisation , improves the environment of work place, due to these many people comes to organisation and top talent comes to them.
Now we learned team work is most vital to take your carrier to next level .

What are ways:
Let the hand- To help someone co – workers, friends, classmates. Hey! I learned you know you have turned on your plate, how can I help you? This small gesture will help you a lot to develop your team spirit.
Offering to cover for some one: By offering a fever before someone asking you. better you offer help to show team spirit of team work.
Take responsibility ability for your action: whenever you made a mistake rather than putting blame on someone else you should accept and say yes I did It!

Can you adopt to new challenge: Adoptability, Be flexible why do you need to be flexible as things does not go as plan better thing instead of complaining grumbling as you wanted the best thing to find alternative solution to problem, not to increase problem., the speed of change is in any organisation is so fast that employees need to adopt the changes in the organisation. The way to gain the skill is to push yourself that how you can be flexible you can adopt the change for example adopting to technology without morning , so people can see you as someone is capable of meeting new challenge, attend training sessions to learn new things of your area of studies. You can display that you are quick to learn and love to be flexible to adopt new changes.

How to cool you at problem solving: When something goes wrong you can either complain or take action that you will make you notice. knowing how to think on your feet, which means to make quick solution or to make decisions which is very important skill as very
important part of organisation as company face many problems everyday they need solvers, best way is to be a problem solver ,always appreciate your boss with solution not a problem, when arises , sit down think how are you going to solve it, boss will appreciate.

Critical thinking – essential to bring new ideas in the work place , to think positive and
negative of every idea , you must need to be a problem solver.
Learn to read the books, listen to news, discuss non work issue with friends, family members the reason you can’t do, to generate new ideas this will help you to extend thinking process.
This is what soft skills are.
Please let me know which soft skills is most important?