Public speaking often brings confidence and boosts your skills about perceive things in front of groups. I personally believe every individual, should choose to do public speaking. It gives you deep insight into how to present information to a large audience.

Nowadays, the world is demanding a good communicator, and public speaking brings a boost in your career.

Speaking isn’t the only things you need, but how to connect your audience must be one of your priority

5 strategies to bind your audience

Voice Control

Voice control is not only necessary in signing occupation. Your voice reflects self-esteem during events, and how confidently you are interacting with audiences. Before you step on the stage to deliver your speech, practice voice therapy to control your speech anxiety.

Learn to breathe from the diaphragm, breathing from the diaphragm or belly helps you to hold the longer notes without a pause. It builds up the rhythm throughout the interaction.

Put your one hand on the abdomen and breathe on your other hand. Count from 1-10 and do the practices of inhaling & exhaling

It improves the tone, pitch, and volume.

Body language

Body language shows how a person is confident. It’s a way of communicating with people, without using any words. Be sure, when you stand in front of the audience, your posture must be straight, tall & firm. Shifting your right from side to side makes your audience interactive & bore.

Practice a superhero position that reduces stress, anxiety & cortisol, but increases testosterone & self-confidence.

Audience Relation

  • When you step on stage, acknowledge your audience with a smiley face.
  • Your eye contact would help you to establish deeper connections throughout the session
  • Organize a quiz to understand the audience interest

Tell a story

People love when you tell stories, that relatable to them. Make sure, when you present any info, its better have the proper information about audiences’ interest collect it from the quiz.


The way you present your information must be concise, simple & informative throughout the events. It brings the rhythm when you follow the well-organized speech.