According to you, who is the most effective leader? And why?

“Effective leaders are excellent communicators and display a high level of personal integrity. They are open minded, optimistic, lead by example.

Let us talk know about “Effective use of Leadership Style “

Purpose of Leadership:

  1. Effective leader empower others to accomplish personal goals a contribute to the successful complications of group objectives.
  2. Leader are in a position to model behaviour for other to emulate 
  3. They provide guidance and feedback throughout the assigned projects.

Effective use of leadership styles:

By understanding our personal strengths and preferences can help us to adjust our leadership style to be effective in every environment.
This flexibility makes leading others and achieving desired outcome possible.

Let us see 4 attributes of successful leader

1. Effective communicators: He communicates expectation, goals, Plan with others in a direct, concise and thought full manner.
MS Dhoni   clear headed, Clarity of Thoughts in whatever he does. Best communicator he was successful in putting his views to team members and management at large. He is precise and to the point also systematic in approach. Very clear in Interacting with his fans. He led and made the team as unit and kept away from controversies.

2. Lead by example: Express leadership through words and actions. Not simply telling others to do.

First Responsibility is to craft, grand vision, articulate it, and raise the aspiration, confidence. Creation of value system. 

Generosity, Respect for share holders, creating trust in the people. Important decision requires clam and composed mind. 

3. Optimistic: Ability to focus on the beneficial l side of situations and expect positive outcome. Creates opportunity to overcome obstacles and adversity.

World leaders are optimistic about new India. PM Narendra Modi is optimistic about innovation and intervention focus on made in India. Indian solutions for global application. Optimistic about youth of India. 

4. Open Minded: He considers new ideas and can view the situations without bias. Listen and value others members of the team.

The open minded allows leaders to see things on different perspectives.  How they think  can be applied in new and novel way . 

Approachable and unprejudiced  

5. Demonstrator Integrity: He demonstrates personal integrity. He acknowledges and gives credit to others. He is honest and ethical. Build trust for strong team for team goals.

Leaders are non for integrity, honesty, hard work, simplicity, sound principles for example, Lal Bahadur Shastri . An epitome of ethics.

What is my leadership style is demonstrative integrity. As I believe in integrity, honest and ethics and trust for strong team. 

Let’s focus on culture and not vision a culture becomes behaviour.

What is your leadership Style?

 I firmly am leave on Pinnacle Leadership: Beautiful combination a personal integrity + effective communicator + open minded + who leads by example + optimistic. 

 What is your leadership Style?