How to do manipulate with time management

Time management is basically bringing more productivity to the table within less time. Managing the complex task with effectiveness and formatting tasks into a simpler form. It represents the co-ordination of your activities with time and helps you to engage yourself...

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Benefits of effective communication in an organization

Communication is always an integral part of the human's lifestyle. Your words describe the characters you hold. There is always a communication channel in every field whether It's a product company or service company. We all need proper communication to ensure the...

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Image management: 3 tips to improve your self-image

Every individual has his/her own identity whether it's social or private life. Life often seeks a different version of you at a different phase of life. Change is not easy but it's worth it if it's in the right direction. Before we jump into deep to understand and...

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Five interviewing techniques: Improve your HR skills

Interviewing is often hectic as well as stressful. Since you have the responsibility to bring the right candidate to perform the specific task. The person who takes the interview must go through lots of documentation, cross-checking, and verifying the candidate's...

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Team building: 3 tips to make great team

Being an apart of great teams, often motivates you to put something better on the team’s table. Your performance & productivity define the co-ordination & bonding of your team. When an organization holds the series of great teams in workplace. It’s so natural...

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Transformational leadership: change the actions!

To comprehend the transformations in leaderships. First, understand why leaders and leaderships are important in any organization. To get succeed in your life, you must bring self-discipline, commitment, proficiency, and well-organized plans to the table to get the...

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Tips for formal clothing style for men

The Dos : Dark & solid colors are always good,Choose a trouser with a waist which is always comfortably loose, never belted so tight that pitches & wrinkleChoose trousers with pleats as they will help the pants widen slightly when you sit, adding a bit of...

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The secret of buying clothes.

Love plus logic:“Do you ever buy anything just because you love it?”We buy clothes on “ love-at-first-sight” impulse.When you buy clothes next time consider the following:1. Do I feel good on the inside?2. Does it boost my self-confidence & self-esteem?3. Does it...

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NLP technique to enhance confidence

Be yourself, it’s much better to be genuinely strange than falsely normalAs soon as you approach, the strangers smile & show interest in you.You start talking & merge right in their confidence.The group takes you in as one of their own 100% seamlessly.You are...

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A failsafe way of gaining confidence.

NLP technique Another way to create Confidence.Simply act confident instead actually feeling it ( at first) It can be difficult to do in the beginning because you’ll need to adopt all the correct body language of a confident person. Imagine the most confident person...

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5 Levels of Leadership

Law of Process: “Leader’s learn daily not in a day”5 Levels of Leadership Positional Leader Permission Leader Production Leader People development Leader  Pinnacle highest LeaderLeadership Position:This is the lowest level They have only leadership positionPeople...

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Attributes of Successful leader

According to you, who is the most effective leader? And why?“Effective leaders are excellent communicators and display a high level of personal integrity. They are open minded, optimistic, lead by example.Let us talk know about “Effective use of Leadership Style...

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New National Education Policy 2020

5 + 3 + 3 + 4 Curricular and “Pedagogical Structure” Let understand what Pedagogical is – Word Pedagogical Meaning – “ Teacher “ if it’s Pedagogical in concerns teaching , from lesson plans to approaches to teaching , even how the classroom looks. In rooms where the...

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5 Essential Soft Skills for Faster Growth

You are known at work for being best at our job . You probably have scored the highestmark in the school/ college. but it means a little If you don’t have the skills that you need . some , of the important professional skills are not taught in school room that called...

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