Time management is basically bringing more productivity to the table within less time. Managing the complex task with effectiveness and formatting tasks into a simpler form. It represents the co-ordination of your activities with time and helps you to engage yourself more with work.

Time management audit :

Before you start making strategies to save your time or plans to understand time management. First of all, Audit your daily activities where most of your time goes. Every day you must be checking your office emails to get yourself updated, but you never notice those opening and reading emails might be taking more time than usuals. There are tons of activities we do daily. The real question is to notice how to reduce that wastage of time.

Set a time for each task:

Having a proper plan for each & specific task would help you to organize yourself according to the priority of work. Mark the time for each task and try to complete it on time. It needs the practice to stick to your commitment.

Put a to-do-list but don’t ignore the tasks:

Whenever you are putting your priorities list in to-do-list. Make sure that you don’t ignore the task. Interruptions in completing tasks would definitely come in your way but always plan how to manage those interruptions. Try to create some stoppage in every work that this much break you can afford.

Finish your MITs in the morning:

Whenever you are trying to finish your toughest task. Make sure to finish at an early ‘coz at the early time your body gains the most energy to finish any complex task.

It’s a time management trick that every person must try to maintain the work balance with time.