5 + 3 + 3 + 4 Curricular and “Pedagogical Structure”
Let understand what Pedagogical is –

Word Pedagogical Meaning – “ Teacher “ if it’s Pedagogical in concerns teaching , from lesson plans to approaches to teaching , even how the classroom looks. In rooms where the Pedagogical Philosophy is that student learn better. When they work collaboratively , desks may be pushes together so four students can sit in their groups .

one of the most powerful Pedagogical examples is where the teachers and students produce work and leaning together the teacher becomes more of a mentor or coach helping students achieving learning goals, students also work together and use each other skills and expertise to accomplish a set of learning tasks.

Five Pedagogical Approaches :
A. Constructive D. Reflective
B. Collaborative E. Enquiry base learning
C. Integrative

Is Pedagogical as same as teaching?
Pedagogical is method of practice of teaching especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept while the education is the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction, especially at the school and university.

Pedagogical Skills: It involves being able to convey knowledge and skills in the way student can understand , remember and apply a this skills, can be divided into the classroom management skills and content related skills.

Father of Pedagogical : The Founding father of education is widely considered to be Socrates. (5 th
Century B.C.)

Pedagogical Competencies : Propose Philosophy , attitude and style of person brings to talk teaching , state content what is curriculum task teachers are responsible for teaching.

Why is Pedagogical Important : Having well thought of Pedagogy can improve quality of your teaching and the way student learn, helping them gain deeper grasp of fundamental systems with a teaching process that supports them of the way they like to learn.

Pedagogical Model : Describes what effective teacher do in their classrooms to engage in intellectually challenging work it provides an over view a learning cycle and breaks down it 5
A. Engage ; B. Explore ; C. Explain ; D. Elaborate ; E. Evaluate

I am confident with understanding and implementing this method of teaching we can go for sustainable development we will transform India into Vibrate knowledge society and of global knowledge super power in the globe.