Be yourself, it’s much better to be genuinely strange than falsely normal

As soon as you approach, the strangers smile & show interest in you.

You start talking & merge right in their confidence.

The group takes you in as one of their own 100% seamlessly.

You are acting differently, you are being yourself & everyone loves it.

Feel how confident you are just being yourself.

Continue to reinforce this anchor, & every time you feel the confidence, press the anchor again.

Associate with emotional feelings of confidence with the physical sensation of the anchor.

Take a snapshot of yourself in a confident world.

What you’ve done is imagined yourself & feeling confident.

Now you have a memory of yourself in a very confident stage.

Your unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between an imagined memory & a real memory.

Take a snapshot of that memory we’ve just now created.

Something that encompasses the height of the confident feeling.

Now take the snapshot & make it bolder & more vivid.

Bring it closer to you, make it larger, the size of a large wall.

Make it snapshot detailed & realistic, Feel & reinforce the anchor.

Make everything large, bold, & Now double it again!

Feel Confident.

It works! Try it!

#NLP #Confidence