Love plus logic:

“Do you ever buy anything just because you love it?”

We buy clothes on “ love-at-first-sight” impulse.

When you buy clothes next time consider the following:

1. Do I feel good on the inside?

2. Does it boost my self-confidence & self-esteem?

3. Does it accurately reflect my values & attitude?

4. Does it accurately express my personality?

5. Is it appropriate for my personal & professional roles?

6. Does it make me feel good on the outside?

7. it is appropriate for my physical environment?

8. Does it feel comfortable as I sand, sit, & otherwise move?

9. Will it allows me to be comfortable in the prevailing season & weather?

10. Is it appropriate for my age?

11. Is it a short-term fed item that will look quickly out-of-date or a long term classic?

12. Is it appropriate & comfortable for the form of transportation I use?

13. Does it enhance my personal coloring?

14. Will it coordinates with the other clothing & accessories in my wardrobe?

15. Does it provide opportunities for creative expression & versatility?

16. Will it gives me a good return of money Is the cost per wearing reasonable to my budget?

Love plus logic works! If you make wise choices before you buy. Enjoy!

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