The Dos :

  1. Dark & solid colors are always good,
  2. Choose a trouser with a waist which is always comfortably loose, never belted so tight that pitches & wrinkle
  3. Choose trousers with pleats as they will help the pants widen slightly when you sit, adding a bit of comfort with large thighs & bottoms.
  4. Choose tailored fitted shirts.
  5. Dark, single-breasted & only slightly tapered jackets are the key to a good look.
  6. Choose a shirt or pinstripe trousers with vertical stripes
  7. Choose bow ties instead of a tie that drapes over the bulge of the stomach.

The Don’ts :

  1. Tight fit in the torse is a bad choice.
  2. Avoid horizontal stripes
  3. Double-breasted tailoring.
  4. Boots, if you’re a shorter limb, that will make your legs appear even shorter.

Try these tips that will enhance your image.

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